Personal Training at Physical Synergy

We at Physical Synergy are fitness professionals. We specialize in developing individual exercise prescriptions. Not everyone can do the same routine. We will modify each workout to help you achieve your goals. Let us challenge and motivate you to do your best! We are unlike any gym in the area. We can help people who have completed a physical therapy program & athletes looking for a challenge. Schedule your FREE first session today.

Increase your strength and conditioning. If your primary goal is to become well-balanced and capable of all elements of fitness – strength, endurance, flexibility, stamina, speed, agility, power, accuracy, coordination, and balance – we can provide you with the tools you will need to accomplish your goals.

Small Group Sports Conditioning: This Program is designed for athletes of all ages to work with trainers to help develop skills and conditioning for an upcoming season.  This is an opportunity for athletes to get one-on-one instruction while still in a competitive group atmosphere.  The athletes will work on progressive strength, speed, agility and quickness routines that will be tailored to their sports needs.

Each one- on- one session is 60 minutes. Each session will begin with a fitness assessment. We will test your functional capacity and overall strength to help navigate through your goals safely and effectively.

Please call us for pricing details – 203-259-3210.