Using Metrics to Develop Client Confidence

FMS professional Michael Tronknya, owner of Physical Synergy and Yoga Synergy, has always found metrics to be a key part of his fitness training and business model. When clients can actually see the results of their training through favorable changes, not only does it build their self-confidence, it also creates an invaluable bond in the client-trainer relationship.

Functional Movement Screening is a key addition to the systems already in place at Physical Synergy. We take a global look at movement patterns and identify the weak link in these patterns. By differentiating between mobility, motor control and/or general movement pattern dysfunctions, we are able to streamline programming specific to each client and help clients reach their goals much faster.

At Physical Synergy, all exercises are supervised and must be effective (performing the right exercise), efficient (performing the exercise right) and safe (do no harm). We utilize these principles to guide our clients in controlling training variables such as intensity, velocity and load.

This training philosophy coincides perfectly with the 3 principles of FMS:

  1. First move well, then move often;
  2. Correct, Protect and Develop;
  3. Create systems to protect the principles.

Incorporating FMS into our assessment system ensures that we provide each client with the best training regiment for their goal.