I came to Physical Synergy after hurting my ankle in one of my high school soccer games.  I chose to come here after one of my teammates recommended Physical Synergy to me.  Some benefits I have experienced as a result of coming to Physical Synergy are; I am able to perform at my full potential more consistently.  Recovery has become a priority in my training and by getting more flexible, my speed with and without the ball has improved.  I was very surprised at how quickly I was able to get back to playing after I got hurt.

Dr. Mike and the Physical Synergy team are the ultimate professionals.  From the way you’re greeted to the way you’re treated!  Dr. Mike is extremely knowledgeable and is giving of his time and resources.  Whether you’re trying to walk again or trying to advance the ranks in professional sports, Physical Synergy is the place you need to be!  Thanks for all your help guys.

I was having chronic back pain since March 2017 which remained stagnant and did not get any better with time. I was recommended to Physical Synergy by a close friend patient. Since coming to Physical Synergy, my back pain has been relieved, does not occur as often and my body feels better as a whole. The biggest surprise I’ve had since coming to Physical Synergy is how quickly I was given relief for my back pain. I believe that my goals have been achieved but I can always have more. It will continually be a work in progress. My ultimate goal is to never have back pain again. I have already recommended family and friends to come to Physical Synergy. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and professional. They really care about you and your well-being.

What brought me to Physical Synergy was pain from a shoulder impingement that was bugging me for about a year, most likely from years of heavy weight training.

My good friend, Evan Centopani, recommended and encouraged me to seek help from Dr. Mike at Physical Synergy after telling him about my issue. Taking his advice, I made an appointment, and the rest is history.

Now, over a year later, the benefits I’ve experienced as a result of coming to Physical Synergy and seeing Dr. Mike on a weekly basis have been tremendous. Not only does my shoulder no longer bother me, it only took about three visits for the pain to completely subside which was amazing on many levels. The pin point muscle treatments allow me to train with greater intensity, provide quicker recovery time from muscle soreness and improve range of motion, keeping me injury free so I can continue to stay focused on my goals as a body builder.

When recommending friends and family, I tell them they are going to wish they had known about Physical Synergy long before they tried all the “other” options.

Grade 3 ankle sprain:

I heard through family that they (Physical Synergy) were quick to heal my injury. I have had amazing treatment and great explanation on what they have felt was going on! My recovery time has been incredible and was able to get myself back to work which was my original goal! If you need to get your injury taken care of correctly and quick go here!