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I can't thank the staff of Physical Synergy enough for helping me in my rehab process.  From the front desk to the back room, the entire staff was friendly and as helpful as possible.  They run their operation very smoothly and soundly and make you feel very comfortable whenever you are there.  I am a current collegiate football player coming off of shoulder surgery so getting back to 'normal' as quickly as possible while doing so in a safe matter was crucial for me.  Thanks to Frankie and Doc. Mike, I was able to do it quicker than I could've imagined, all the while making my shoulder even stronger and more stable than before.  Doc. Alex, Doc. Matt and Jim all do a phenomenal job aiding you in the rehab process as well as being very helpful and answering any questions I had.  The staff is extremely well-educated and always has the clients best interest at heart.  To make things even better I think I've made a few more friends in the process between the other friendly clientele and the staff.  Everyone that attends the facility and works here makes it a great place to be a part of.

- Andrew O.

I found Physical Synergy through a Google search- after receiving ART treatment out-of-state. I had a very painful shoulder, and to a lesser extent, elbow and SI joint. I worked with both Dr. Mike and Dr. Matt and mostly with Frank in the rehab room. The mobility in my shoulder is greatly increased and pain during activity diminished, although not totally gone. The approach, to my knowledge, is unique and thorough. I felt like my recovery was paramount and the “team” so supportive. What a fantastic facility; I’d recommend to anyone.

- Amy C.

“I came to rehab following shoulder surgery. Frank Dr. Mike and Jim were an excellent team. That’s the difference here, good guys who know what they are doing, helping you as a team. This also opened the way to staying in shape better after rehab, thanks to all.”

- Glenn F.

I had ACL surgery in my right knee and completed traditional PT, but because of my job I needed to take my therapy to the next level. Physical Synergy was able to provide job-specific therapy to get my knee where it needed to be. Frank, Kevin and Dr. Mike designed a program that got me back to work and feeling comfortable.

- Kevin P - firefighter

Problem: Partial tear in bicep tendon

Came to Came to Physical Synergy on referral from a friend.
Dr. Mike has been helping me not only with my shoulder problem but with alignment/structural problems. As a result I have less pain in my shoulder and legs.

I love how you have training, massage and yoga in addition to chiropractic care.

- Larissa S.

We came to try to improve my daughter’s scoliosis.  She works with Dr. Matt and Frank.  We chose Physical Synergy because I like their approach of combining physical therapy, chiropractic and exercises to specifically work on her problem.  After four months of treatments, the degree of her curve has shown improvement and her strength has improved.

- Mom - Maria B. 

I had chronic hamstring issues which resulted in frequent strains/pulls. It (Physical Synergy) was recommended by a friend. Physical Synergy staff (Dr. Mike. Dr. Matt, Betsy, Alecsa, Stephanie, Frank etc.) helped me solve my problem. My problem was solved with brute force, and the approach was unique.  I liked that the approach was thorough and it WORKED!!! My throwing arm has peaked while working with PS staff!

- Michael C. 

“I’ve been coming to Physical Synergy for the past year due to a lower back subluxation, and later, rotator cuff irritation. The staff here hasn’t been anything less than incredible. Dr. Matt and Frank helped isolate the source of my pain, and developed a unique, creative solution to the problem which fit my injury, abilities, and lifestyle. I’ve seen more progress in as little as one visit than I would ever imagine achieving on my own. Their approach complimented my lifestyle, and even provided the tools to continue healing on my own time. Everyone on the staff is super friendly and excellent to work with!”

- Mike E.

I have been seeing Dr. Mike for several years now for a variety of issues. Recently, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and have been given a big machine to sleep with every night. It wasn’t a treatment that I felt I would be consistent with so I decided to visit Dr. Mike.  I saw immediate results with Dr. Mike’s treatment. I felt rested when I woke up in the morning but most important my wife was very happy because my snoring was completely gone. Thanks Dr. Mike.

- Michael M. 

“As a Division 1 College athlete coming off shoulder surgery I needed to ensure a quick and “effectfull” recovery. At Physical Synergy they did just that through their individual 1 on 1 care. With a combination of Dr. Mike, Frank, and Jim I can proudly say at four months post-surgery I am feeling strong and confident in their work, as if I was at another place. Their detailed work produces positive work on any injury or pain helping athletes get back to the field even stronger than before. “

- Paul S. 

I was involved in a car accident and came to Physical Synergy.  I was referred by a friend. I had a lot of pain in my left knee. Dr. Matt, Frank and Kevin have helped me a lot in my recovery. I am thankful to the team here at Physical Synergy. I love you all! Thank you for your help!

- Peggy A. 

The staff at Physical Synergy have been instrumental in my transition from a person with casual workout habits, to a person who enjoys working out daily. Between the therapy and massage treatments that have improved my well being, to the knowledge and positive attitude of the personal trainers the experience at Physical Synergy is simply inspiring. They let you work at your own pace while gently pushing you to do more. The overall environment of the place is one of friends and family. You walk in and both patients and staff greet you with a smile that makes you eager to return.

-Paul G. (Realtor)

Dr. Mike originally started treating me for back pain. Since beginning treatment, at Physical Synergy, not only does my back feel better, but Dr. Mike has taught me a lot about diet and nutrition. Within a few treatments, I feel nearly 100% better for a condition that has been bothering me for months.

-Sheri G.

I suffered from daily discomfort as a result of two herniated disks in my lower back. Physical therapy only provided temporary relief. Looking for better results, I went to Physical Synergy. After six months of treatment with a total body and lifestyle approach, I was stronger, had lost 15 pounds and most importantly, no longer lived in daily discomfort. The staff at Physical Synergy are patient and dedicated professionals.

-Edward G., Fairfield P.D. #124

Physical Synergy has given me a new life. Before I came here I could barely walk. I was unable to kneel and my pain had gotten the best of me. Today, I have good mobility, I feel energized, and my whole life has taken a turn for the better. I even feel younger. I strongly believe that God brought me to Physical Synergy.

-Rafaela M. (pastor)

I started going to Physical Synergy in November of 2007. Since then I have dropped a significant amount of weight and feel better than ever! By developing the right physical and nutritional program for me, they have been able to help me build my strength and endurance. As a result, I am in the then best shape I have been in in years, my blood pressure has come down and my confidence level has gone up!

 - Kathleen Y.

Seeing Dr. Mike regularly has changed the way I think about my body.  I am more in tune with why something may not feel right and how to change that.  I came here with terrible back pain from two bulging discs and have become perfectly functional again by strengthening the muscles around the discs.  Simple, but critical to my recovery.

Laurie O. 

I was recommended to see Dr. Mike for my right Knee pain by a friend.  I have been going to physical synergy for about 3 months now, mostly for my right knee pain.  I would like to say that my knee pain is gone and now working on strengthening the muscles around my knees so that it doesn’t come back again!  I have seen Dr. Mike and his professional team for other musculoskeletal issues as well.  They are all very friendly, helpful and attentive to your pain/issues you are having.

Jinne S. 

When I first saw Dr. Matt a few years ago, I was really struggling with my shoulder and hip flexibility. As a professional golfer, I rely tremendously on staying flexible and loose week after week. Dr. Matt has been nothing short of incredible, targeting my tightest muscles and also helping me to increase my overall flexibility and symmetry, translating into a more powerful and more efficient golf swing. He's also given me so many great tips and stretches to keep my body in shape while on the road, and he has continued to be a huge part of my success on the course. Thanks so much Dr. Matt!

Best regards, Cody P. 

I can't say enough good things about my experiences with Dr. Matt Meyers at Physical Synergy.

His comprehensive knowledge of the human body, musculature, biomechanics and ergonomics is outstanding.

He spends time with his patients, listening, providing comprehensive treatment to achieve optimal results and health.

I have referred myself, my family and my patients to Dr. Meyers.  I am a dentist in Fairfield and many TMJ patients require integrative treatment.

I am confident in my co -relationship in regards to patient care.

Many people are uninformed and misinformed regarding chiropractic care.  I encourage anyone I refer to first meet Dr. Meyers and become educated to the services, therapies and treatment he can offer.  There isn't one person I have referred that has not had an outstanding experience and whom he hasn't helped.

Susan L., D.M.D. 

I will turn 60 in 5 months. I started running the Fairfield Half Marathon ten years ago in 2004. It has been one of my favorite races and something I look forward to, but due to problems with my leg, I was forced to sit out last year’s. I volunteered to help at the beach and although interacting with the runners was a lot of fun, I left feeling very empty. I had just finished six months of physical therapy for my sciatica, which my orthopedist had diagnosed as the cause of my problem. The PT didn’t help and the pain was such that I never thought I would be able to run again. Even walking was difficult. Both the orthopedist and therapist told me to stop running and advised me to take up another hobby - but I still wanted to run. I needed to run. That evening when I got home, I googled Physical Synergy because you had been recommended to me by my friend and banker, Robin C. I left an appointment request online and was surprised to receive a call on my way to work the next morning, that there was an available appointment that afternoon. When I got to your office and handed medical information forms to fill out, I was also given a line drawing of the body and asked to identify and describe the pain I was experiencing. I knew I was in the right place, as I had printed out a similar drawing and highlighted the different areas of pain for my orthopedist. He had refused to look at it. One glance and you told me the problem was with my IT band, not the sciatic nerve. My first session with you left me feeling better and more encouraged than I had been in years. At my first visit, you asked what my goal was and I replied it would be great if I could run a mile or two every now and then. You said that wasn’t good enough, that I should be able to run as much as I used to. Although I had some ups and downs over the next seven or eight months as we found the best way to treat my problem, I had hope that I might be able to continue running.

In April I began a fairly serious training schedule. Over the last nine weeks I have run 140 miles, which combined with some tweaks to my diet earlier in the year, helped contribute to losing 24 pounds. I’m writing you today because earlier this morning I finished the Fairfield Half Marathon - with a new personal best time. I would never have been able to accomplish this - or even dreamed of it, without all the help and encouragement that you and everyone at Physical Synergy have given me over the past year. Thanks for making such a huge difference in my life.

With much thanks and gratitude,

Bob W.