All the doctors at Physical Synergy are Graston Technique certified.

Graston technique is a type of manual therapy that uses certified Graston instruments made of stainless steel to detect and treat areas of soft tissue dysfunction. The tools come in different shapes and sizes that are each formed and designed to treat a specific area of the body depending on the curvature of the tool. Graston allows the doctors to gain deeper access to the soft tissue structures compared to manual massage, which is limited to finger pad compression.

Graston technique requires specific skills and training to allow the practitioners to properly detect any soft tissue dysfunction, which is identified by adhesions in the belly of the muscle that present as a taut bands or “lumps” when the Graston tool is dragged over the involved area, differentiating it from smooth healthy muscle. The instrument is then applied with pressure and moved up and down over the dysfunctional muscle to treat the adhesions and allow for an increased range of motion and resolution of pain in the area.