Our goal is to help relieve our patient’s symptoms as quickly as possible with as few treatments as necessary, also giving advice to educate and help avoid any future episodes.


What to Expect:

1st Visit:

Your first visit at Physical Synergy will begin with a one-on-one consultation with the doctor to complete an initial assessment needed to come up with the best possible treatment plan for your specific case. The doctor will discuss the patient’s full medical history, current concerns, pain quality and overall goals for treatment. This allows the doctor to get a better understanding of the patient’s well-being and to educate the patient about their health and wanting to continue on a successful journey to their optimal well-being.

Following the initial assessment and all necessary information is collected from the patient, the doctor will then conduct a physical evaluation where they will use a hands-on approach to assess the area and surroundings areas of concern. The doctor will examine full range of motion to find any restrictions, perform muscle strength tests, and a brief neurological screening to see how the nerves are functioning to the area.  After this, the doctor will discuss the diagnosis and suggest a plan of care that will best fit the patient’s specific needs.

With proper consent the doctor will then begin treatment which may include but not limited to: specific soft tissue techniques such as Graston or Active Release Technique, Dry Needling, Stecco, Rock tape or in some cases the doctor may have you work on our full rehabilitation floor to learn proper technique to help strengthen/stretch the area being treated when outside the office too.