My back issues have cleared up

I recently visited Physical Synergy on the advice of my tennis pro after I’d come down with a sudden, inexplicable back injury.  At 37, I’d had no history of back problems.  And as a tennis pro myself, I rely on my body to be in optimal shape.  I’d gone into Physical Synergy with the intention of getting my back healed and getting back onto the court.

After meeting with Dr. Mike, I quickly realized that my back injury was a symptom of minor, but long lasting imbalances throughout my body that had been there for years.  Dr. Mike hardly spoke about my back, but focused instead on my legs and their overall tightness.  What sets PS and Dr. Mike apart is that they diagnose problems from their subtle origins.

Each treatment is a mixture of education about the body and its systems, a lesson on diet and nutrition, and of course, the physical treatment of the issues themselves.  Afterward, his expert staff guide me through preventative and palliative care exercises to ensure that I get the most out of my treatment.

Needless to say, my back issues have cleared up.  I’m now playing and teaching at a higher level.  The larger point for me though, is that with the help of Dr. Mike and his staff, I’ve reignited a desire to be healthy at every level.  I’m more educated about what’s going on for me physically, and therefore more empowered to take control over my own health.  I believe that Dr. Mike and staff have cleared the way for me to have a long and productive career in a field that requires optimal health.

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