The entire staff was friendly and as helpful as possible

I can’t thank the staff of Physical Synergy enough for helping me in my rehab process.  From the front desk to the back room, the entire staff was friendly and as helpful as possible.  They run their operation very smoothly and soundly and make you feel very comfortable whenever you are there.  I am a current collegiate football player coming off of shoulder surgery so getting back to ‘normal’ as quickly as possible while doing so in a safe matter was crucial for me.  Thanks to Frankie and the doctors at Physical Synergy, I was able to do it quicker than I could’ve imagined, all the while making my shoulder even stronger and more stable than before.  Doc. Alex, Doc. Mike and Jim all do a phenomenal job aiding you in the rehab process as well as being very helpful and answering any questions I had.  The staff is extremely well-educated and always has the clients best interest at heart.  To make things even better I think I’ve made a few more friends in the process between the other friendly clientele and the staff.  Everyone that attends the facility and works here makes it a great place to be a part of.

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