Arm Balance Workshop| with Annie Leeks | 11/25/23 | 2-3:30pm | $35

Balancing on your hands is a fun & empowering part of the yoga practice. Have you always wanted to learn arm balances? Whether you’re a beginner, or an advanced yoga practitioner, this workshop is for you!
The 1.5 hour workshop will begin with a short warm-up followed by detailed instruction on most arm balances. You’ll learn and perfect crow, firefly, side crow, eka pada A & B, peacock, flying pigeon and grasshopper. If there’s an arm balance not mentioned, please come with requests. Hands on adjustments and help to land your arm balances will be provided. You’ll leave the workshop with confidence and knowledge gained from these tricks and tools taught to incorporate into your own yoga practice.
Fearless Backbends: Heart Opening Workshop| with Cathleen Allen| 12/2/23| 2-3:30pm | $35
Advance your backbending practice and find deeper flexibility in your spine. This 90 minute workshop will explore the alignment and stability necessary for deep heart opening. We’ll open up through the heart space and learn safe progressions to more advanced advanced backbend variations, as well as explore the emotional components of deep opening in this part of the body.