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Yoga synergy embraces the art and tradition of yoga, while combining it with  the philosophies of Physical Synergy. Yoga Synergy was created in conjunction with Physical Synergy as a place of whole-body health and wellness. Where students can maintain a healthy lifestyle; whether they are rehabilitating an injury, working to build a strong core, or an athlete that wants to stay healthy and injury free. Our classes focus on lengthening and strengthening the muscles with core-based alignment, with an infusion of body and breath awareness, and mindfulness. All taught by dynamic, knowledgeable teachers who give informative and constructive instruction.      


I have a long history with you. What keeps me coming back are the friendly familiar faces + the great teaching staff. Having Dr Mike as a backdrop is very reassuring."

David B.

Dr Mike is a complete professional, he encourages his patients to continue exercising and moving their bodies, and educates them about their injuries and injury prevention and nutrition, etc

Kara P.

With my second time at a hot yoga class, it was definitely my best and I felt completely revitalized afterwards. I'm very excited that I have the 30 day pass!

Olivia G.

I loved every second of this class! Kiersten was an excellent instructor and coached me through my first hot yoga class and helped me to take the leap and try things I didn’t think I would be good at! Can’t wait to sign up for a membership.

Alexandra G


    Monday: 6-7am/ 8-1:30pm/ 5-7pm
    Tuesday: 6-7am/ 9-1:30pm/ 5-6pm
     Wednesday: 6-7am/ 8-1:30pm/ 5-7pm
     Thursday: 6-7am/ 9-1:30pm/ 5-7pm
    Friday: 6-7am/ 8-1:30pm/ 4-6pm
    Saturday: 8-11am
    Sunday: 8-11am/ 5-6pm

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